Our Approach & Aesthetic

Straightforward & strategic approach.

With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, we’ve mastered the process of building websites that are optimized for maximum visibility, engagement, and conversion.

Modern & minimalist aesthetic.

Through the use of clean typography, negative space, and thoughtful visuals, combined with future-proof technology and user experience standards, we create websites that are modern and minimalist, able to live through the internet’s constantly changing landscape.

Made with purpose, for a purpose.

We don’t put fancy website elements that will distract potential customers from getting to know you and engaging with you. Instead, we highlight your content through purposeful design so that your target audience can easily find what they’re searching for, get to know your brand, and engage with you without wasting time.

Everything for a purpose is our motto. This is the creed we live by, and this is how we build websites too.

Our Process

Inquiry & Proposal

After you submit an inquiry form, we get back to you in 2-3 business days with a complete project proposal. We’ll likely send some followup questions or request a call to understand your requirements better. But if your inquiry form already has enough details for us to gauge the scope of the project, then there’s no need for more back-and-forth initially.

The project proposal will include detailed service inclusions, estimated timeline and costs*, as well as our standard terms and agreement. If you approve of our proposal and decide to move forward, we will ask you to pay the initial investment (50% downpayment) to officially begin the project.

Research & Discovery

From your end, we’ll need you to answer a questionnaire which will help us understand your brand/business/aesthetic better. On our end, we’ll make the necessary research on your existing content, competition, and industry best practices. Combining the details you provide and the information we gather, we will then dive into designing and developing your website.

Design & Development

Following the timeline that we agreed on, design and development begin. A normal project timeline goes something like this:

  • Week 1: Admin and technical stuff (hosting setup, WordPress installation, etc)
  • Week 1-2: Wireframing and design mockup
  • Week 2-4: Website staging and development
  • Week 4: Testing and revisions
  • Week 5: Finishing touches, approval and launch

Depending on the level of difficulty and other specific requirements of your project, the timeline may extend as needed. But as long as you respond to emails and provide us with the materials in a timely manner, we will be able to deliver on time too.

Revisions & Launch

We’ll go through two rounds of revisions to refine your website and to make sure everything is beautiful and running smoothly. Upon your approval and with the remaining balance (50%) settled, we will finally launch your website live.

For the next 2 weeks (10 business days) from the launch date, we will render our tech support services free of charge. This includes minor aesthetic revisions, assistance in configuring the theme, or any questions you may have about your new website.

Continuous Support & Maintenance

Should you wish to continue our technical support, digital marketing, or website maintenance services, we offer our website clients an option to avail of our virtual assistance on a monthly retainer fee.

*See our investment guide for your reference. Pricing may increase depending on the actual scope of the project.